Saturday, 1 July 2017

A Challenge

I was issued a challenge.

I've been asked to produce a story and a storyboard for a cartoon, before the end of August.

It came from a question about what it is, specifically, in cartoons and animation, that I enjoy the most, or that I'm the best at.
I found it a difficult question to answer, honestly. I'm fascinated by the whole process of making cartoons. I can't say I'm more interested in any part of it over the other.

As for what I'm the best at, I think my strongest skills cover more than one specific role in the production of an animation. I think my drawing skills are really improving recently, but it's a fundamental skill to the whole process of animation.

We settled on the aspect of story creation and storyboarding. I'm quite comfortable coming up with stories, and I really enjoy trying to find the right composition, or action to communicate that part of the story. In fact I really love trying to find just the right way to express these things, no matter what that expression is. And how to represent it realistically is an additional challenge which makes it all the more satisfying.

So, my challenge is to make a story, and then draw the storyboard to the best of my abilities, to become a portfolio piece.

Bring it on.