Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Gainz Goblin

It's the Gainz Goblin. I'm hitting the gym these days and this word, and this idea, came into my head. It's relevant, though - bear with me.

I'm really enthusiastic about the other project I've been working on - Geggle Makes a Potion - to give it a working title. I really want it to be a stand-out piece of work I can be proud of. However, I mustn't allow my own enthusiasm to get the better of me. I mustn't let it become a Gainz Goblin and leave me with an empty shell of a cartoon.

"The thing you are going to build on must be basic... It's the thorough understanding of the basics that produces real sophistication."

That's a quote from Richard Williams' Animator's Survival Kit (p.46). And that's what I need to do. I need to prove I can do the basic things before I continue. I don't see any other way to continue with the project. I need to make some basic things, walk cycles, picking things up, etc, so I know I can do them when presented with such things in a story.

Anyway, this means I can get going and animate some stuff!

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