Saturday, 10 June 2017

2D: Geggle the Frog makes a potion

I've been working on something 2D for the past few months. It took a while to get anywhere that I'd feel comfortable showing as progress - lots of time designing the character, thinking of stories (but at least I have an idea for another episode with this guy!), and making storyboards, but I finally made the dive and started drawing on the computer. I'm really happy with drawing digitally at the moment. It's been easier than I remember getting used to the tablet, and sketching things out, erasing, fiddling with the brush thickness settings, the things I was worried about, are actually quite straight forward.

This is the second frame I've drawn. I'm beginning to see how 2D animation is said to be a very slow process. I suppose it doesn't have to be, but the temptation to erase and adjust and redraw, and add more detail, sure slows things down. Now I wonder how long a professional animator is given to draw each frame or clip when they work for a studio.

Perspective is becoming the biggest challenge for me at the moment - getting the feet in the right place, getting the position of the shoulders and hips right. It's easy enough to draw a set of hips and shoulders when the positioning doesn't matter, but when animating, the positioning must be very precise to show the right movement. We'll just have to see how well I can do.

I hope next time I can show some movement!

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