Friday, 31 January 2014

Bob: Leg and arm

Here is a screen capture of my Bob character with his arm and leg.

I have taken the approach of including a few realistic details in to the model, like the shape of the forearm, and making the knee and pec areas more pronounced. I've done this because I think having these structures - particularly the knee and pec - adds a bit more detail which stretch when they move, and prevent ugly distortion.
Always follow the musculature of the body! This is the key rule I bear in mind. You can bend it, of course; characters come in all kinds of sizes. However if it''s meant to be believed to be human, it needs to work like a human!

I look forward to getting more done to show up. The complicated areas are what lie ahead.

I also have a fun challenge planned for myself. I will divulge more information when I complete this task.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Bob: Character Design

Hello again, and a happy New Year!

This is a design I have been working on late last year.

This is Bob, my plan for Bob is to use him as my own personal experimentation rig, taking over the role from the Goon rig seen in my Captain Nemo and Atlas animations.

This means I can tailor him to meet my every need. He also has a subtle advertisement in his hair cut - similar to my logo!

I already have an idea for an animation to use him in. I will post that up later when I have more to show you.