Monday, 15 July 2013

Rerouting polygons on a three-fingered character's hand

I am very happy to say that I came up with a method to route the flow of polygons on the hand to I wasn't left with a triangle or 5-sider in there.

The picture above has highlighted edges to help you see what I was doing.

Characters with two or four fingers will have details in place that can be rerouted up the forearm or neutralised on the back of the hand.

What I managed to do is to feed the edge towards the thumb, also using an extra edge loop around the wrist which I think is justifiable.
It's important to avoid even those rhomboid polygons, because they can be problematic too. Ideally I wanted this extra detail to flow to the top of the hand and be neutralised there but this requires more details than I had available.

In terms of following the physiology of the body, the skin naturally stretches there across the thumb into the palm so it should deform properly.

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