Thursday, 18 July 2013

Suited and booted

Here's an update of the progress on the model for the man. I took extra care to make the model slightly asymmetrical. Twinning is something you want to avoid because it really kills the old suspension of disbelief, but you can help this by just tweaking your models a slight bit. It makes them more natural-looking.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Rerouting polygons on a three-fingered character's hand

I am very happy to say that I came up with a method to route the flow of polygons on the hand to I wasn't left with a triangle or 5-sider in there.

The picture above has highlighted edges to help you see what I was doing.

Characters with two or four fingers will have details in place that can be rerouted up the forearm or neutralised on the back of the hand.

What I managed to do is to feed the edge towards the thumb, also using an extra edge loop around the wrist which I think is justifiable.
It's important to avoid even those rhomboid polygons, because they can be problematic too. Ideally I wanted this extra detail to flow to the top of the hand and be neutralised there but this requires more details than I had available.

In terms of following the physiology of the body, the skin naturally stretches there across the thumb into the palm so it should deform properly.