Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What's next after Captain Nemo?

Captain Nemo is finished. It just needs to be rendered - you can wait til tomorrow!

Andy showed me this:

Followed by their showreel:

He said one of the things that make this showreel strong is its heavy use of action, and as such, recommended I try to make an animation that's heavily action-based.
I've been turning some ideas over in my head - I thought about having a guy climb a tree to reach an egg, which soon became an apple - the branch it's on breaks and he falls! Of course the branch lands on his head!

Anyway, I drew it out and it's a good 18 thumbnails long, thereabouts, which means it might take a while. So, I think I'll strip this back. Short and simple is the theme.

You could describe it as practice-based research on primary action in the context of unbalancing characters.

Based on this, I drew a short story where a guy swats a fly, which swats him back!

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