Thursday, 14 February 2013

Today's Tutorial

Positive remarks for the Captain Nemo piece of animation.

I was advised to go in the direction of balance.
As far as secondary action, there is room to experiment with it doing any kind of character performance but I  don't feel as though I have, or am currently looking at secondary action closely. I will have to follow up on my intentions to produce some secondary action-heavy walk cycles and the drinking scene.

As for balance, it would be good practice for learning how to control extreme actions with characters. The idea to do a fly swatting cartoon is a good one but I'm tempted to try something else first. I had an idea to give a character a control that affects the direction of gravity.

In the bigger picture I was advised to look at mime, performance training and performances with larval masks. Creating an animated performance of these would be good practice in learning to pose a character in awkward poses with unusual centres of gravity.

Another piece of advice - experiment, see how far you can take things.

I made a small piece of animation trying out the effect of gravity. It's nothing ground-breaking, but it was a good experiment testing out curves in this situation.

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