Thursday, 13 December 2012

Artefact 2 progress, and today's tutorial

Some criticism I received about this include that I need to look into the hip action in the walking cycle. It needs more emphasis.

Sean commented on the way the character raises his left hand when he checks the bottom of his foot - it's a typical feature of human body language, that when attention is directed away from a body part it loses its drive and goes limp.

So far my research has taught me a bit about body language that was particularly informing in the blocking/storytelling poses pass. Practising animation is also enriching because I'm learning about the technical side. How to go from FK to IK, how to mask that transition. How to get the feet not to shift around too much when walking using the master control - I wanted to use this control particularly to do this.

My research has also planted some seeds for thought in my head that may come into fruition when I get into the animating and secondary action passes. Things like what to do with eye contact and character's hands. In the second paragraph I mentioned body parts going limp - the book I've read doesn't explicitly say this but a combination of what I've read about extremities being less under direct control and the experience of being a human make this one of those things that you realise you had a sense of but didn't know in such a precise manner.

I also come away from each tutorial session with a list of things I should do. Sean recommends making a collection of examples of secondary actions I can find from media that I can use to demonstrate what I mean by secondary action. It might be that I can also use this to form a directory where I can pull secondary actions from to replicate in my own work.
It might be worth noting what camera angles do to secondary action, as well. The shot controls what's being focussed on, would focussing on a secondary action make it a primary action?
Also what happens in terms of culture? Will all the secondary actions I pick work globally?

Going back to the limp hand a bit, Sean described this as a secondary action. This might open up a distinction between different types of secondary action - things a character does consciously, unconsciously, and the manner that a character does something. These things are all very vague though - thinking about them, the boundaries are immediately blurred. I'll come back to this!

I also have a plan for the next artefact, for secondary action - a character pouring themselves a drink. I am going to use secondary action to give multiple takes on this. This I hope will also help define what I mean by secondary action.

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