Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tutorial Feedback #1 - Don't Think, Feeeeeel!

So I showed the current version of my Bruce Lee piece of work.

It's occurring to me that this animation can stand as the first artefact.

The first pose is still wrong.
I think I need to step back and just try to read what the poses of the characters mean. How they read.
I might be thinking a little bit too realistically too. It might be worth creating poses that are quite strong rather than what I naturally tend towards which is a softer approach.

One piece of advice that was thrown in was that I should consider putting an introducing sequence in there. This would serve the purpose of making this animation actually make sense, as well as allowing me to kick it off with a good, strong initial storytelling pose.

Another piece of advice is relating to the posing, as well as my general workflow - I need to make the poses complete. As you can see, the hands haven't really been touched yet. So, I should make the poses complete, because they are distracting for the viewer, as far as constructive criticism goes.

This also leads me onto another suggestion, by Adam. He recommended starting this animation from scratch, this time using blocking and nailing the key poses first before working on the movement.
If I start it again I'll have a proper go at thumbnailing the key poses so I have something to work from. It should speed up the workflow somewhat, rather than having to work from my head.

All in all, it seems I need to work on my primary action and key storytelling posing before I start mucking around with secondary action. I rather like the title of my question but I'm wondering whether I should work key posing and primary action into my question so the progress I'm making now can be properly part of my MA.

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