Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Don't Think, Feeeeeeeeeel

Ok, here is the blocking pass for Bruce Lee's character.
This video can stand as Artefact 1, although for those purposes I won't call it the complete Artefact 1 until the entire blocking pass is complete.

The poses are much better than the last version.
I also thought of how to get Bruce Lee's character to enter the scene. I'm not sure how well the footsteps will line up in terms of timing until I get onto the more fluid passes.

Lao is next, he shouldn't take as long because he's not got as many gestures to perform.

I haven't thought much about expressions yet. This is because I'm avoiding getting into lip sync this early. I might put in a few key ones before I move onto the next pass for Bruce Lee though, so the blocking performance is complete.

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