Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Application of research - Artefact #2

The quality from playblast is always hit and miss.

I've been fairly quiet about what I have read in the Body Language book I've looked at, but in producing this video it has been useful, so I will take this opportunity to make a complimentary blog post with some details.

This book is more of a self-help book, teaching you how to better interact with others so you don't alienate yourself from them, or freak them out, or just plain come across in the wrong way. However there have been a couple of tips I have picked up that can be applied to characters.

Feet -

The extremities of the body are, well, extreme, and so the conscious control of them appears more difficult than that of your face. As such, your true feelings tend to leak out into your extremities without you realising this. The feet, in particular, although they can't say a whole range of things, do tend to be quite honest with what they are saying.

The key fact about feet is that they point in the direction of what you are interested in. So, someone's interested in talking to someone, their feet generally point towards them - we're picturing a scene where two people are talking face to face. If the other person is interested in getting away from that person, for whatever reason, their feet will tend to point away. This also applies to the torso in general - a torso that's pointing away from someone suggests an amount of unease in the situation.

Hands -

Hands are another extremity. They're closer to your brain and people tend to gesture a lot with them so they're under a fair amount of control. However feelings still tend to leak out into hands.
People hide their hands, or use their hands and sometimes arms, to hide parts of their body if they feel somewhat distressed or uneasy in the current situation.

This is all I'll cover for now because it's somewhat relevant in this video - the feet placement in particular was helpful with boosting these storytelling poses.

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