Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The current iteration of my Master's subject is 'Enriching the the narrative of an animation through manipulating secondary action'.

I hope that I can, with the three presentation dates, split the course of research into three areas within. Maybe I can begin with larger scaled gestures and work my way into more detailed actions, ending with subtle nuances of facial animation.

I definitely want to include something about character personalities. How does a confident character portray nerves? How would the same character behave when bored, or excited? And then the same with a nervous character.

One of the goals would be to be able to portray a personality of a character, and in an episodic animation, have a consistent personality, or in a feature-type animation have a personality develop. Perhaps even both.

The resulting skill would be the ability to put my mind in that of a wide range of characters and know what my quirks would be, and importantly, how to animate them.

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