Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kid and older kid together

Older Kid

The sandman is tugging at my eyelids so I'll leave it here for today.
I just wanted to post a picture of this slightly grotesque creation. An adult sized body but the exact same child-like head. It's pretty weird to behold. Tomorrow holds reworking the face to look the design. If I work quickly maybe I'll even get the girl scaled up too. That means friday I can rig them all. Looking forwards to checking out this nifty program I've been told about. From no rig to fully rigged in an hour? Yes please.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Girl

Using the nCloth tool, the skirt falls down.
This might take a bit of experimentation to fix.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Girl with half a head

Happy with this, needs mirroring and attaching.

Not sure what to do with the colouring of the dress. Nor do I know how to make the skirt part of the dress. I've asked Baris what to do, I was thinking of using the cloth function.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The girl, progress

This is the model of the girl as she stands. I made this today. I must be improving, last year this would've taken a week.

I might reshape the feet, and I'll have a closer look at the hands.

Tomorrow, there will be a face on this character.

The Kid, Reprise

Round two on the face, it's gone much better, it should be animation-friendly, and it doesn't have that unsightly weird rippling effect on the side of the face like the last version did.

I've also deleted a few loops of edges along the limbs that I don't think I needed.

Next up, modelling the girl.
The older versions of each will be made by scaling up the models. Cheeky, but it'll save time and do just as good a job.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Kid in colour

Here he is, in colour.
Next time I model a head and face, I'm going to try a different method. Getting rid of the creases on this one is pretty tough. Still, I'd say it's a significant improvement on my last character modelling.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Plane nearly complete

I cut it in half again. Maya's not being particularly smooth at the moment.
Exhausts, propeller, seat and controls. I don't think anything else needs modelling.

Plane progress - propeller and wheels

 The propeller and wheels. Using 3-smooth in maya, you can get away with a surprisingly small amount of polygons. The wheels are made from a torus, with a total of 16 polygons.

Plane progress

It's a bit too shiny.
It looks really basic too, I'll see about improving that. I'm adding wheels now. There will be a propeller on the front, and an exhaust.
Don't worry, there is another wing.
Unsure as to whether I want to UVW unwrap it or not.


This is the plane so far.
Left to do - make a seat, make a steering wheel type thing and a dashboard.
And of course, stick it together. I'd've done that now but a man's got to sleep!