Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Artefact 2 Evaluation

Artefact 2 evaluation
For my second artefact I drew a few storyboard panels for a story. I chose to make a domestic argument scenario, with the intention of using the composition to give emphasis to which character had the upper hand in the argument.
This artefact was to test out whether the things I'd learnt in my literature review work or not.

I showed this artefact to Baris and to a few other members of the group. I asked the question, which character seems more dominant?
The responses I got were regarding the posture of the characters, and the body language - the man seemed more dominant because he had more conservative  body language than the woman.
It would appear that there is a hierarchy in which you draw conclusions of a narrative from what you are seeing on shot. Body language, dialogue, sound, all come above composition.
Other criticism said that the way I had drawn the storyboard panels made the characters seem larger or smaller. This I was somewhat aware of myself. This is partially the intended effect of the composition but I also suspect that drawing the storyboard panels myself added to this effect.
For the next artefact I will try something similar to this artefact, but this time using a consistent means to create the shots. I will either use some of my 3d modelled characters or a default rig downloaded from the internet. In using this I will be able to find out if it was my drawing skill's limitations or whether it's an effect of the composition

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