Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Artefact 2 Evaluation

Artefact 2 evaluation
For my second artefact I drew a few storyboard panels for a story. I chose to make a domestic argument scenario, with the intention of using the composition to give emphasis to which character had the upper hand in the argument.
This artefact was to test out whether the things I'd learnt in my literature review work or not.

I showed this artefact to Baris and to a few other members of the group. I asked the question, which character seems more dominant?
The responses I got were regarding the posture of the characters, and the body language - the man seemed more dominant because he had more conservative  body language than the woman.
It would appear that there is a hierarchy in which you draw conclusions of a narrative from what you are seeing on shot. Body language, dialogue, sound, all come above composition.
Other criticism said that the way I had drawn the storyboard panels made the characters seem larger or smaller. This I was somewhat aware of myself. This is partially the intended effect of the composition but I also suspect that drawing the storyboard panels myself added to this effect.
For the next artefact I will try something similar to this artefact, but this time using a consistent means to create the shots. I will either use some of my 3d modelled characters or a default rig downloaded from the internet. In using this I will be able to find out if it was my drawing skill's limitations or whether it's an effect of the composition

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Artefact 2

I'm not happy with the way these have scanned in so expect to see them rescanned in the near future.

Who won the argument? Who hit who? The composition should point it out.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Client Meeting Follow-up

Baris was happy with the changes I'd made to the storyline - I made it less of a straight forward linear format, whilst also cutting out a few scenes that feedback told me reduced the momentum of the story.

This has the positive effect of lightening my workload, meaning I have a bit more leeway with regards to the subnission date.

Baris noted that the relationship between the two characters may need a bit of expansion. He said if the audience watch the film and when the girl breaks up with the boy they think, 'what a bitch!' then that's good, that's what he wants me to achieve.

Artefact 1 Evaluation

Artefact 1 Evaluation
My initial goal for my first artefact was to produce a graphic representation of the things that I had learnt whilst performing my literature review. I understood that when presenting the research you assume the audience has no knowledge of what your research is about.
I used simple photographs to demonstrate the difference between different positioning of the subject in the shot. I used simple drawn storyboard panels to demonstrate composition in relation to the vanishing point.
I also drew a few panels of shots I found from a number of films demonstrating the effect of the previously mentioned composition techniques on multiple characters.
When I presented the artefact to Baris in the tutorial, he responded positively to it.
He suggested an approach for the initial sequence of artefacts that goes as follows -
Artefact one - what is the camera's role?
Artefact two - what can be done with the camera, what's currently done with the camera?
Artefact three - what am I going to do with the camera?
He suggested that I should state these in the viva voce so the purpose of each artefact is more clear.
I will combine the first two artefacts - demonstrating what the camera is used for lends itself to using examples I find used in existing films, which covers what people are currently doing with the camera.
By combining the second artefact idea into the first I strengthen the first artefact - I now have evidence of the compositional elements I have spoken about which backs them up. I also took note of the narrative at each shot that I used to make sure the shot is being used to contribute to the narrative  in the way my research suggests it should.
Baris suggested I look at camera movement, which is often used to create more of a connection between the viewer and the film. I may avoid this to save broadening my topic too much, something he warned me about.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


As was requested!

The kid, very close to completion

All in all I'm pleased. This is the first time I've modelled a proper human character, I think it's turned out quite well.

One (nearly) down, three to go, ha!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012

Kid model - pre-head modeling.

You can see in the background the template for it.
I'm surprised by how well this is turning out. If you saw my last modeling work, the dojo scene video I made, you'd understand. Hahaha!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The kid model

Progress so far on the character model.
This should be finished tomorrow!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Client characters

I'm alive. Here's some pictures that prove I've not been doing nothing :)