Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Uni work -

I want to use the ink and paint shader for my animation.
I know that a low poly model will look better cel-shaded than a high poly one.
I know that a high poly model, or at least a turbosmoothed model will bend and animate better than a low poly one.

Jonny mentioned a modifier called tesselate, which he said puts more polys in without also smoothing the model. This could be the answer I'm looking for!

Also, as for soundtrack, I realised I could make a reasonably convincing guitar using Reason 4.
Now, this could save me the effort of recording countless unsuitable clips, but it would also take away from the magic of a completely home-made piece of animation. Decisions...


I finally got round to giving Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold a proper go. A friend suggested I learn this back when I had been playing for 6 months, and I never really tried.


I am really enjoying riding my Ciguena. It's like meeting an old friend, only you sold your first one and bought someone else's later.
I worry that I might not like the feel of my Because. I might even be tempted to get rid of it!

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