Sunday, 22 November 2009

Some college work

The third picture is the film poster I mentioned a few posts ago - The End Of The World, which took me very little time, and produced surprisingly good results!

The second is a piece of typography I produced, with the words Misery, Victim and Ventilation. Most of it is made up of text. The blood and the person are made from Victim, the drips at the back are made of Misery, and the Ventilation is simply a vent. A bit of a cop-out maybe, but it works!

The drips and the water effect were both produced by experimenting with photocopying, specifically what happens when you move what you're photocopying as it's photocopying.

The first picture is a Saul Bass inspired take on a film poster for Iron Man. It's not got all the text on, as I never got round to finishing it.

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