Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bad layouts

Admittedly, I've not tried as hard with this as I could have... partially because I didn't remember to look until not that long ago.
Bad layout design is pretty tough to come across in the print industry because having good layouts is the whole point. However, I can think of a good example of layout design that's always nibbled away at me when I've seen it. Page spreads. Occasionally you'll get a magazine feature that covers two pages. I mean, with a picture that goes across both, or a table or some other type of layout, where it seems it's been designed as a page of a3 rather than two a4s. This always results in that annoying little bit of picture or text you can't see because it's right in the spine of the magazine. Frustrating, especially when you see a picture you want to scan in that covers two pages, and the part in the middle is always lost. I guess it doesn't relate much to typography, but it occurs with type too.

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