Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Whiteboard Animation

At Uni today, I found myself in a group of 6 people.
The task - create a 10 second 12fps animation using a whiteboard, a pen and a camera.
The plot - move a box from one side of a house to another.
The plan - we chose to have a large diglett shaped monster grow a hand, pick up the box, attempt to eat it and then spit it out to the other side of the house.
The result - I may post the video up at some point. It started off well, and decsended into chaos, with such additional features as a meteor that landed on the house, a plane that turned into a bird, that landed on the house... a car that rose from the ground, as well as a plant that grew into a flower that turned firstly into pacman and then into a yin-yang and then into a black hole.

Don't ask!

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